Client Testimonials

Hey Eric!

Michael and I LOVED our Flashbooth experience! Our only complaint is that we didn't get to spend much time enjoying it or talking to you guys ourselves. Hopefully we'll be at an event for someone else and get to take part in all the fun.

I'm not sure how much Michelle told you, but the photo booth is something that I really wanted, butmy dad had told me no. Michelle, being the truly amazing and awesome person that she is, surprised us with the whole thing.

All of our guests that took advantage of the booth had a FANTASTIC time. As we've seen from the pictures, some went back numerous times. The props were an awesome addition to an already fun idea.The size of the booth was perfect for our venue; it fit well in the area but didn't take away from any of the decor of the club. The album that you guys constructed for us is so much fun and something that we'll be able to treasure and look back on forever. We especially loved the picture you guys added; it gave such a nice, personal Flashbooth touch.

Michael and I are loving every minute of married life! We'd lived together for 3 1/2 years before making it official, so we didn't really feel like anything would change. Our friends who had also lived together before getting married had all told us how much better being married was. They're all 100% right, it's amazing. The increased love and respect you feel for the person once you're married is fantastic. I'm sure this is way more than you expected to hear from me! :)

If asked I would definitely recommend you guys to anyone who's looking for a great photo booth experience!

Take Care!, B

It is extremely comforting to work with the wonderful group of people that make up the Flashbooth team! We love working with Flashbooth because their customer service, attention to detail, creativity and positive attitude always makes for an organized event, as well as for a fantastic experience for both vendors and guests! We have had the privilege of working with Flashbooth on several events, from weddings to non profit galas, and beyond, and Eric and his team have always been easy to work with and a true pleasure! Each event that we've collaborated on has been memorable because of their original approach to customizing a special scrapbook from all booth photos! MDE recommends Flashbooth with the enthusiasm and we look forward to future opportunities to work with Flashbooth!

Best Regards, Michelle Durpetti Events

Hey Eric,

We thought it was AWESOME!!! We have received rave reviews about having the photobooth at our wedding (even from people who did not attend). Best part is that we were able to view the book on our honeymoon. It gave us priceless pictures and words from our family and friends. We had great laughs, and shed a couple tears. The option for people to write in the book was an awesome touch. The props were perfect, and the booth was great. Another great feature, is getting the digital copies, we have put them on facebook and the fun continues. In addition, everyone told us how great you guys were (Friendly, accommodating, and patient)

Thanks again for making our wedding day special!!

William Harris III


I wanted to let you guys know what an amazing time everyone had with Flashbooth!! The attendants did a great job at making sure everyone at my wedding had the opportunity to get into the booth. The booth was ready to roll even before the start of my wedding, which is great because I didn't have to worry about the setup time interfering with anything! Since the wedding, I have had many of our friends and family telling us how great Flashbooth was. Everyone enjoyed being able to write in our photo memory book. We loved it too since with have all these sweet and thoughtful wishes that we may have never heard.

I am SOOO glad I went with Flashbooth and not some other photo-booth company...and trust me I shopped around!! The quality, professionalism, and overall experience was beyond what we expected. Thank you for making our special day even more memorable!! Will definitely be recommending Flashbooth to everyone!

Paulina Hayes XOXO


Thank you for being a part of our event. Your concept is so different and unique and it brought that extra something to help make our benefit much more memorable! We loved that we could design and personalized the banner on the pictures and the booth too! It was a big hit! But, one of the best features was definately the Flashbooth Picture Album that just captured the emotional presence of the night perfectly. Mark just simply "LOVED" it! It was so well made and the personal notes written that accompanied each picture was perfect. Mark went through a whole box of tissue looking through the pages. It was the perfect keepsake and I can't thank you guys enough, great job!

Charo Ayala