Special Events

T.O.P. Tennis Opportunity Program

Oct 29,2011

On oct 29, 2011 we had the honor of presenting our photobooth at the 13th annual TOP fundraiser at the mid-town tennis club. This event featured tennis legend Billie Jean King. the photobooth was a huge hit with all of the guests, especially the children!

Cancer Benefit

Oct 8, 2011

At the mark anthony "kicks lymphomas ass" benefit Flashbooth was able to capture the sentiment of his family and friends through photostrips and writing in our memory book. Mark was too sick to attend, but when he was given the completed memory book it allowed him to feel like he was there. this meant a lot to us, and we're very happy to have brought Mark some happiness while he battles cancer.

Mobb Deep Concert


XSport Fitness

XSport Fitness customer appreciation day was a great opportunity to showcase our graphics. As you can see we decorated the booth with a fitness theme. The outside is of the actual gym location, and the inside had representaions of both the treadmill and weightroom. This could be a wedding picture or theme. If the event is outside maybe it can have trees or your favorite flowers. For a kids birthday we can provide a design or a party theme character. The options are limitless with our one of a kind hand made FLASHBOOTH.

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